A Guide to Retail Innovation in a Post-Pandemic Market

The future of the food & beverage industry in a retail environment altered by shopper preference.

Woman shopping bar aisle in virtual reality with eye tracking heatmap

Learn how CPGs are using virtual reality to succeed post-pandemic

COVID-19 and the digital transformation has changed consumer demands. As retail continues to respond to those changes, store design and omni-channel experiences must undergo both short term and long term modifications. The winners in the post-pandemic world will be those who lead by example through innovation, using data analytics and customer insights to improve customer experiences.

To innovate more efficiently, the world's most successful CPG companies are using virtual reality to test new shopping experiences without investing in physical space and inventory. These VR stores offer a cost-effective method for store planning and conducting market research.

This white paper explores how companies are using virtual reality for innovation in the retail industry. It includes three real-life VR in retail examples that demonstrate assortment optimization, aisle reinvention, and category reinvention case studies:

  • Case Study: Cracker Assortment Optimization
  • Case Study: Barilla Pasta Aisle Reinvention
  • Case Study: Men’s Grooming Category Reinvention

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