Advance your CPG sales strategy with virtual reality

Our CPG business intelligence software generates robust analytics and compelling visuals that allow sales teams to present in-store ideas in a superior way to retail buyers.

Solve your biggest consumer product sales challenges

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Make customer insight data impactful and easy to understand

Field sales teams can use virtual reality in consumer goods discussions to present high-quality customer insights through clear dashboard reports and store heatmaps. ReadySet data visuals provide compelling information on what gets shopper attention and the path they took to purchase.

Introduce your new CPG sales strategy in an engaging and interactive way

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) sales teams can use VR experiences to leave lasting impressions on stakeholders.Virtual reality allows retail managers to actually enter the department store where an idea comes to life without physical investment.

Strengthen your retail partner relationships with collaboration

Our virtual reality consumer packaged goods software allows CPG sales executives to increase day to day collaboration with retailers. This allows you to create a shared ground of understanding with stakeholders on target market, marketing strategies, and budgets.


A Guide to Retail Innovation in a Post-Pandemic Market

Learn how CPGs are using virtual reality to succeed post-pandemic. This white paper explores how companies are using virtual reality for innovation in the retail industry. It includes three real-life VR in retail examples that demonstrate assortment optimization, aisle reinvention, and category reinvention case studies.

A Guide to Retail Innovation in a Post-Pandemic Market

Experience the improved virtual reality sales process

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Cost-effectively showcase your CPG products

You no longer need brick and mortar to demo new products in an engaging way. Retailers can utilize our CPG management software to preview current merchandising and innovative solutions.

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Supply team members with technology for successful field sales

Empower field sales reps with cutting edge vr tools that better educate their audience on retail data. ReadySet’s accurate customer insights and stunning realism from our CPG testing software validates recommendations, cuts costs, and shortens sales cycles.

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Two female executives looking at cleaning aisle heatmap on laptop and TV screen from VR research
Man shopping men's grooming aisle reinvention in virtual reality

Improve your sales pitches and start closing deals

Provide a memorable proposal to retail decision makers that have years of experience with traditional sales deliveries. Sales representatives construct a VR CPG sales strategy to create a compelling and immerse experience that wins stakeholder buy-in.

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Be the first to deliver retailers the information they want

Physically prototyping and researching shelves is a slow process that can create missed opportunities. ReadySet’s virtual reality innovation and research processes provide a faster path to discover and present optimal retail solutions to stakeholders.


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Learn how the ReadySet VR CPG management software provides sales managers a better way to get recommendations implemented in retail stores.