Improve knowledge retention and decrease costs of onboarding with VR training solutions

ReadySet VR training solutions allow employees to physically make in-store decisions. These realistic virtual reality retail training simulations offer a comfortable transition to real-life activity because participants have already performed the action.

Virtual reality training solutions for retail companies

Retail store virtual reality employee training assists in development of soft skills, product knowledge, retail selling and more. Your custom VR training course will allow employees to get hands-on experience with new safety processes, difficult situations or emergencies without ever encountering real-life risks.

Creating a virtual reality training program for your up-and-coming employees will give you the opportunity to test real-life retail situations that your team may encounter.

Assess job candidate performance through role simulation

Establish realistic job expectations with live demonstration

Create a smoother onboarding and coaching process

Increase speed of employee proficiency for store operations

Improve customer service empathy using soft skill exercises

Ensure workers know how to react in rare emergency situations

Introduce new retail floor technology and equipment

Prepare for holiday customer traffic at checkout


How VR technology is shaping 2022 Retail

Learn how retailers are using virtual reality to innovate amid inventory shortage. This white paper explores how companies are using virtual reality as a collaborative space for in-store planning and market research. It includes information on 3D product libraries, digital store planning, VR market research and the case study "Does Life-Size VR Replicate Real-World Testing".

How VR Technology is Shaping 2022 Retail

Retailer and supplier virtual reality training software

Provide retail category management training with a VR headset

Utilize immersive experiences to provide VR training courses in category management with realistic product and merchandising opportunities. Easily educate category managers on new products through lifesize 3D models or visual merchandising with exercises in virtual stores. This virtual reality learning program can be held at any time, so customers won’t be disrupted.

Category management merchandising front end candy layout in virtual reality
Woman being trained in VR Target Store

Use the VR experience for better retail employee training

Take advantage of ReadySet immersive store environments like Target and Walmart for a realistic VR training simulation for employees. Use VR to easily offer soft skills training for store employees on a regular basis in order to provide exceptional customer service. As your team becomes more familiar with the vr training course, they’ll also be preparing themselves for the real store floor.

Virtual Reality Employee Training FAQs

Prepare your employees with a robust virtual reality training program

See how a realistic VR learning program can improve employee training.