Supercharge your retail PowerPoint presentations with interactive 3D environment tours

ReadySet VR Store Presenter allows viewers to experience your retail innovations in a real-time 3D presentation. Enter store environments to explore retailers, see planograms by moving down aisles and click on products for detailed viewing in your virtual reality presentation.

How to present your product to retailers

Create 3D presentations using ReadySet store viewer and VR presentation mode. These advanced features offer cutting-edge visual appeal that help you establish more compelling visual merchandising presentations. Our VR presentation software allows you to seamlessly deliver retail buyer presentations with shopping experience demos in an engaging way.

Host a virtual reality seminar presentation in conjunction with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, PDFs, videos and more without ever switching platforms. Let ReadySet be your planogram and merchandise presentation guide.


How VR technology is shaping 2022 Retail

Learn how CPGs are using virtual reality to innovate amid inventory shortage. This white paper explores how companies are using virtual reality as a collaborative space for in-store planning and market research. It includes information on 3D product libraries, digital store planning, VR market research and the case study "Does Life-Size VR Replicate Real-World Testing?".

How VR Technology is Shaping 2022 Retail

Develop winning merchandising presentations & PowerPoints

Offer a better experience than video by giving an immersive walking tour of your environments

The ReadySet store viewer is an interactive, 3D presentation tool that allows viewers to virtually experience your retail designs. This VR presentation software provides the perfect solution for debuting your virtual retail innovations in real time at face-to-face meetings, trade shows or online over zoom. There is no VR headset required for the “virtual” presentation, so multiple viewers can watch the screen as you click around and navigate your store or shelf space to show it in a compelling, realistic form.

Man giving retail buyer powerpoint presentation to a room of people and showing an interactive aisle layout / 3D product
Man giving retail buyer powerpoint presentation to a room of people and showing different shelf and store layouts

Easily navigate environments and showcase your different store sets with saveable locations

When you want to showcase your product in various locations, the store viewer can be outfitted with saved viewpoints that allow you to more easily navigate the environment. ReadySet location setup saves store layout locations so that you can easily click the labeled areas and create a quick VR presentation that showcases different product placements in your virtual retail store.

Quickly adjust to changing retail business plans and make your remote presentation stand out

ReadySet presenter mode is a VR presentation software that integrates interactive 3D store and shelf scenes right into your retail presentation PPT. It mitigates the hassle and technical issues of switching between different software during your 3D presentation. This provides the perfect product design presentation layout tool that can be used during in-person meetings or online webinars. Debut new package designs, planograms, store layouts and more with ReadySet presenter mode.

Woman looking at laptop watching a remote retail presentation that shows an interactive, 3D retail store layout

VR Presentation FAQs

All out of retail presentation ideas? Not anymore

ReadySet provides the best tools for pitching your products in retail store PPT presentations.