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ReadySet VR partnerships provide you with immersive digital twins and innovative virtual reality technology for engaging, impactful solutions.

ReadySet VR Partner Program

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Partner with one of the best VR companies for retail and offer complete digital twin solutions. ReadySet virtual reality partners become 3D modeling service providers that assist top brands in cost-effective store planning, shopper research, training and new idea presentation.

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Expand your 3D model & VR services

ReadySet partners become VR solutions providers, expanding your client offerings to include 3D modeling and digital twin technology. 3D digital twin solutions increase the efficiency of various retail processes such as product innovation, merchandise planning and consumer behavior insights. Digital twin solution providers also appeal to brands looking for creation of metaverse and v-commerce experiences to establish a presence in the virtual world.

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Increase your revenue & value

Generate new revenue streams for your brand consulting firm and drive value for your clients through the integration of cutting-edge virtual reality solutions. Utilizing virtual representations in place of real world physical objects and buildings decreases innovation costs and increases efficiency. Digital twin software solutions provide an affordable and precise tool for consumer research, making it valuable for retail consultants to attract and secure more client projects.

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Access VR experts & thought leadership

Gain access to VR app development company insights and experts with a deep knowledge of the retail industry. We provide virtual reality consulting support and guidance, ensuring you have the tools needed to succeed with clients. Collaborate on joint sales and co-marketing initiatives, and benefit from our array of resources, including captivating videos, concise one-pagers, thought-provoking leadership content, and comprehensive product knowledge materials.

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Become the go-to digital transformation VR expert

As a leading VR development company partner, you have the opportunity to enhance your VR knowledge with our comprehensive hardware and ReadySet software training programs. Delve into virtual reality business solutions, equipping yourself with the expertise to deliver top-notch solutions to your clients. Keeping you ahead of the curve and positioning you as a go-to expert in the immersive realm of virtual reality.

How we empower our partners

ReadySet software

Partners receive fully functional ReadySet VR software for evaluation and demo purposes. This allows you to showcase the remarkable immersive virtual reality experiences that await. Through access to our comprehensive software package, you can provide clients with a tangible preview of the platform's capabilities and offerings. You can easily customize every interaction, smoothly immersing clients in their unique world, providing a first hand experience and clear value proposition.

VR training

Through our dedicated partner training and onboarding program, you'll receive top-of-the-line VR headsets and hardware, perfectly optimized to run our cutting-edge ReadySet software. Your journey begins with detailed hands-on training, personally guided by a ReadySet VR expert. You'll gain a deep understanding of ReadySet's features and functionalities. To bolster your team's expertise, we provide extensive documentation and resources to guide you through every aspect of the software's utilization.

Partner support

Our customer support team is readily available for technical assistance, ensuring any questions or issues are promptly resolved. We will empower your marketing efforts through co-marketing opportunities, marketing materials, and lead generation support. Partners receive regular software updates and new feature releases to keep you at the forefront of innovation. There are also collaboration opportunities that allow our partners to have a direct impact on shaping new features based on client needs.

What our partners have to say

Are you interested in collaborating with one of the top VR companies in retail? Learn about it from a few of our partners!

Explorer Research

“ReadySet’s VR solution makes the whole shopper research process faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. It has enhanced our ability to generate realistic and reliable data that our CPG clients need, while also accommodating for tight deadlines and budgets.”

Mike Moussallem

Mike Moussallem
Explorer Research


“ReadySet is the market leader in VR for retail and their immersive technology is used by some of the largest companies in America and Canada. As brands and retailers embrace a virtual future, we’re excited to be able to bring the same innovative solutions to our CPG clients.”

Peter Brawn, Founder of Gateway Research

Peter Brawn
Gateway Research

Are we a partnership match?

Our strategic alliances span across consultants, researchers, technology and hardware providers, as well as academic institutions. Each partner category plays a unique role in shaping our vision, ensuring that our digital store environments align seamlessly with market trends, consumer preferences, and the distinctive needs of our clients.

Consultants - ReadySet VR Partners


By partnering with top retail consulting firms, we offer CPG brands and retailers the best digital twin software to optimize shelf space, improve product placement, test innovation, make data-driven decisions and enhance overall customer experiences. Our partner consultants bring a wealth of industry knowledge, ensuring that our 3D store solutions align with market trends, consumer preferences, and the unique challenges faced by each retailer. Unlock untapped potential as a virtual reality consulting firm by helping clients maximize ROI and stay ahead in the evolving retail landscape.

Researchers - ReadySet VR Partners


ReadySet collaborates with research partners to offer comprehensive VR research services. Clients have the flexibility to choose whether they want to conduct VR research in-house or prefer research companies to handle the research on their behalf. With ReadySet VR Research, clients can seamlessly execute shopper studies to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness of space planning, assortment optimization, and experience design. By engaging with research partners, ReadySet ensures that clients receive tailored solutions and optimal results in leveraging virtual reality for their research needs.

Technology & Hardware - ReadySet VR Partners

Technology & hardware

We understand that the hardware and technology used to deliver immersive experiences are essential to achieving unparalleled realism and performance. By partnering with leading VR hardware and VR software companies, we ensure that our clients receive best-in-class devices and setups that showcase our 3D store solutions at their best. Our VR technology partners provide state-of-the-art headsets, motion controllers, and tracking systems, enabling users to interact effortlessly with our virtual retail environments.

Universities / Education - ReadySet VR Partners


Embrace VR technology for a cutting-edge educational experience. Partnering with a digital twin software company offers universities a cost-effective and realistic way to train students in retail merchandising, market research and consumer analytics. Through immersive VR experiences, students master retail set building and shelf construction, while using eye-tracking behavioral metrics for valuable shopper insights. Fostering valuable hands-on career experience, while exemplifying the university's commitment to innovation and educational excellence.

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