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ReadySet assists your brand in achieving dramatic ROI by creating digital twin technology for retail planning that can be deployed in the metaverse.

Get your brand into metaverse VR

In today’s evolving markets, leading retailers are prioritizing technology innovation to stay relevant with their consumers. As individuals around the world using virtual reality increase, it becomes essential for your brand to understand the potential of VR retail experiences and show up in the metaverse.

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Utilize an efficient VR retail innovation process

You can seamlessly transition into the virtual world through use of digital twins for store planning and merchandising. A digital store immediately provides value as a lab for optimizing and testing your innovation ideas. Use VR shopper research to gain comprehensive knowledge of your customers and how they interact with your ideas prior to any physical investment.

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Seamlessly merge your online and in-store experiences

By employing VR as a tool to visualize and optimize current in-store experiences, you are also cost-effectively establishing your virtual assets for a future online brand presence. The establishment of your virtual reality experiences now will ensure that you are ready for the imminent evolution towards metaverse retail shopping.

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Stay relevant and unlock new realms of opportunity

The metaverse is the next version of the internet and will open up many doors for businesses and customers alike. It will offer brands the opportunity to exist in every consumer's home through virtual retailers. Metaverse retail shopping provides a more personalized, engaging and immersive experience that excites customers.


The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

Explore the future of retail as we dive into the concepts of digital twins and metaverse shopping experiences. This retail digital twin and metaverse white paper addresses the biggest challenges retailers face and how digital twin software is helping brands succeed today and positioning them for success tomorrow. It defines what a digital twin is, digital twin retail use cases with examples and how to join the metaverse movement.

ReadySet VR White Paper: The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

Your all-in-one metaverse shopping platform

The ReadySet metaverse platform offers 3D product models and store templates for you to customize your virtual environments. Having a customizable digital twin will provide you with a virtual store lab for more cost-effective innovation and a long-term metaverse strategy solution.

Leverage your digital assets


Your product digital twins are established at real-life size and in photo realistic visual quality using ReadySet’s patent-pending 3D modeling process. These 3D products can be used to efficiently merchandise your store’s digital twin and serve as a virtual representation of your product to shoppers.

Leveraging retail digital twin assets is beneficial for companies because of the reduction in labor costs associated with obtaining and arranging tangible products for purposes like merchandise planning and consumer research. Do away with set rooms and dark stores by utilizing your own digital twin environment.

Conduct shopper research on your innovations

Retail digital twins act as innovation labs for you to experiment with different store layouts, planograms, category reinventions, signage and more. Employ digital twin technology with eye-tracking VR headsets to conduct shopper studies that gather accurate consumer insights.

This is an ideal research method for studying how different customers interact with your products in A/B testing. They generate heatmap data reports that can be easily sorted by customer demographics. There are countless ways to implement digital twin technology to generate more accurate and efficient insights on your innovations. The research performed in your virtual reality stores offers valuable data into real-life shopper behavior and allows you to optimize your in-store experience.


Implement these insights in-store and in your metaverse shopping experience

The virtual commerce (v-commerce) experiences you create during the planning and testing process can then be easily actualized and shopped by consumers within the metaverse. Although never deployed in a metaverse, v-commerce examples include projects like the Barilla Pasta Aisle Reinvention, Men’s Grooming Category Reinvention and the Eye Candy Virtual Store. If so desired, these experiences could be made available online for virtual shopping.


Barilla Pasta Aisle Reinvention

Barilla, America’s #1 pasta brand cost-effectively generated several pasta aisle reinventions within immersive virtual reality for testing. Aisles were test shopped to provide a winning design that increased category sales and conversion rates.


Men’s Grooming Category Reinvention

A leading retailer used virtual reality to test different ways of merchandising the men’s personal care category in their stores, saving time and cost involved with building out multiple designs. The new section resulted in a +4% sales increase in test stores.


Eye Candy Virtual Store Experience

One of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world was eager to explore how they could be idealized in a virtual store. By using their iconic style and shoppable candy products, they were able to provide a uniquely immersive experience to their customers.

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