Improve customer relationships through better consumer insight research

Virtual reality market research is an efficient way for behavioral insights teams to gather accurate retail customer analytics on products and services.

Solve your biggest consumer insights and market research challenges

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Quickly find accurate customer and market insights

Our consumer insights software uses virtual reality to efficiently conduct eye-tracking market research studies that collect customer data in real time. ReadySet offers a realistic and immersive customer experience that generates high-quality retail market insights for predictive analytics.

Easily test several solutions to obtain optimal research outcomes

A virtual reality customer insight platform requires no physical infrastructure investment and allows you to create unlimited iterations of retail solutions. This means that you can gather customer insights for in-store ideas at a fraction of the cost and time demanded by traditional methods.

Stay competitive with cutting edge customer insight technology

At ReadySet, we developed our customer insights platform with retail experts to offer an experience that is aligned with industry demands. This ensures that the best retail customer insight solutions are offered for organizations to stay ahead of competition.


A Guide to Retail Innovation in a Post-Pandemic Market

Learn how CPGs are using virtual reality to succeed post-pandemic. This white paper explores how companies are using virtual reality for innovation in the retail industry. It includes three real-life VR in retail examples that demonstrate assortment optimization, aisle reinvention, and category reinvention case studies.

A Guide to Retail Innovation in a Post-Pandemic Market

Experience the virtual reality consumer insight solution

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Perform cost effective VR eye-tracking market research

Uncover an incredibly accurate customer journey by performing shopper research in realistic virtual environments that gather retail customer analytics in real-time. Virtual reality research utilizes eye-tracking headsets that capture 90 data points per second to provide customer insights retailers can trust.

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Conduct online market research that generates reliable insights

Our customer insights software uses virtual reality to transport remote respondents that are on a computer into a brick and mortar retailer to shop as they would in a physical store. Administer large-scale online market research surveys that provide accurate retail market insights through virtual store experiences with mouse and webcam tracking.

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Instantly identify insights from data reports and store heat maps

VR eye tracking data provides insights into customer interactions such as average fixation count, attention duration, purchase percentage, number of revisits and more. Retail market insights like these are displayed through data tables and heatmaps for easily applying behavioral insights.

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"Life-sized Virtual Reality accurately replicates the shopping behavior of a real shelf. This is because the life-sized environment allows for interaction with products and real shopping behavior - bending down, walking back and forth, focusing on landmark brands. Online shelf studies may inflate purchases of different products due to location on the screen – middle or shelf location."

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