ReadySet Online Virtual Research Studies
Online market research studies that generate reliable insights

Perform affordable, large-scale online market research using realistic store experiences and webcam tracking that generates accurate results.

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Conduct online market research

Traditional brick and mortar shopping surveys can be a costly and impractical way to gain insights. This has led to many retailers and consumer goods companies turning to online survey market research. Although online market research surveys are easy to execute, they can provide unreliable consumer data and insights.

Virtual reality research tools make it easy to conduct online shopping consumer behavior research with accurate consumer insights outputs. ReadySet online virtual research is an advanced online consumer research survey method. It transports remote respondents into virtual brick and mortar retailers to shop as they would in a physical store.

1. Send link to panel

ReadySet online virtual research integrates with any retail market research company or third party sample provider. It allows for easy reach to online respondents through a simple survey link.

2. Qualification questionnaire

Easily identify respondents that fit your target market with a simple qualification questionnaire. Anybody who does not fit your target audience criteria will not enter the online virtual research study.

3. Instructions

ReadySet online research provides respondents with fast and easy step-by-step instructions so anyone can understand virtual shopping.

4. Face detection and calibration

Before entering the virtual shopping exercise, respondent faces are detected via webcam and the mouse is calibrated to provide accurate tracking.

5. Shop store environments

Respondents enter a virtual reality environment where they can navigate and shop products online while perceiving realistic in-store shopping experiences.

6. End survey

After the VR retail experience, use shopper surveys for qualitative research and to gather customer feedback. Gather attitudinal data with insights consumer surveys.

Collect data & gain shopper insights

Eye-tracking heatmap from online research on grocery store cracker aisle

Data collection

As online virtual research takes place, there are 60 data points per second being collected. This data provides information on mouse movements, navigation/path tracking, product selection/pickups, find times, product purchasing and dynamic attention tracking.

Woman on computer using face recognition technology

Dynamic attention tracking

ReadySet online virtual research measures the movements of a respondent’s face using the unique behavioral method of dynamic attention tracking. Dynamic attention tracking utilizes a standard web camera to track eye gaze and provide data on what consumers are looking at.

Take your online research to the next level

Use virtual reality shopping online for market research and start getting authentic insights.