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Establish the future of physical retail stores with virtual reality

The role of an innovation lab in virtual reality is to establish a more efficient way to ideate and execute retail improvements.

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Solve your top innovation challenges in brick and mortar retail

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Quickly prototype and test packaging during product development

Product innovation teams can rapidly establish and test new product packaging in VR. Team members simply upload image artwork onto 3D model templates that are hosted in a private cloud-library for internal accessibility.

Easily construct and analyze several retail industry solutions

A virtual reality retail lab allows users to create and test unlimited iterations of innovative solutions. ReadySet virtual retail environments are 100% true to scale and can be easily adapted to fit any project needs.

Stay cutting edge with a constantly evolving innovation store

New in-store ideas can be built and tested for a fraction of the cost needed by traditional physical methods. It allows organizations the ability to consistently review and update their store of the future.


How VR technology is shaping 2022 Retail

Learn how CPGs are using virtual reality to innovate amid inventory shortage. This white paper explores how companies are using virtual reality as a collaborative space for in-store planning and market research. It includes information on 3D product libraries, digital store planning, VR market research and the case study "Does Life-Size VR Replicate Real-World Testing".

How VR Technology is Shaping 2022 Retail

Experience virtual reality innovation research labs

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Create innovative products on your own

ReadySet 3D modeling software grants you the ability to create your own 3D products. Virtual reality product management is hosted online to cut out supply chains. It makes test merchandise easily accessible to product innovation managers.

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Do more innovation projects using the same budget

A huge retail innovation challenge is acquiring adequate funding and staying within budget. Internal innovation teams constantly identify ideas, but struggle to obtain funds for execution. Virtual reality innovation projects require a fraction of the time and cost necessary for a physical store project.

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Access the innovation lab from anywhere

Virtual reality store labs are hosted online to make innovation in the retail industry more quick and efficient. From the director of innovation to products teams, all business units can easily share and collaborate in virtual retail labs.

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A software for all innovation initiatives

Create anything in virtual reality that you would in the physical world, including new product prototypes and innovation stores. ReadySet offers services to assist you in customization of a virtual reality environment that meets your organizational needs and goals. If you would like further information on custom VR projects, please contact us.

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Learn how ReadySet virtual reality innovation labs provide the innovation team with a faster path to discovery.