ReadySet Case Studies

Grocery Store Aisle Reinvention

Uncover how a CPG client leveraged virtual reality predictive analysis to enhance aisle design, lifting category sales by 3.5%. Explore the impactful use of VR research in understanding consumer engagement.…

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Retail Store Design Optimization

Discover how a financial services provider optimized their new retail store design using ReadySet VR. Through virtual reality assesment, the client enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency while saving millions.…

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Product Innovation Pitch Deck

Explore how a healthcare CPG company revolutionized their product presentations with VR and captivated a big box retailer. Using immersive VR in their product pitches fostered engagement, understanding, and sales.…

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Messaging, Placement & Assortment Planning

Learn how a leading CPG utilized VR technology for predictive analysis and consumer feedback to optimize their food channel program, achieving a 6% increase in sell-through relative to other alternatives.…

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