Discover how a financial services provider optimized their new retail store design using ReadySet VR. Through virtual reality assesment, the client enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency while saving millions.


Retail Store Design Optimization


An on-premise financial services provider wanted to optimize their new store concept.


Their goal was to assess the effectiveness of their new store design concept by comparing the virtualized new design with the existing state. This analysis aimed to identify potential enhancements for customer satisfaction and internal operational gains, enabling informed decision-making, backed by data, before physical implementations.


A virtualization approach was employed that involved two key steps: virtualizing the new store design concept and virtualizing the current state. By using ReadySet VR, these immersive virtual environments were created to closely replicate the intended new store design as well as the existing store layout.


The analysis identified areas of success and improvement opportunities for the new store design. Through ReadySet VR research testing, the client gained insights into:

  1. Overall Satisfaction: Research assessed the satisfaction levels of customers and staff, enabling refinement of areas that positively impacted satisfaction.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Factors such as flow, accessibility, and staff productivity were analyzed to identify bottlenecks and implement improvements, optimizing internal processes.
  3. Component and Feature Analysis: Detailed virtualization allowed the client to assess individual components and features, identifying elements requiring modification or enhancement for a seamless experience.

Cost Savings

By leveraging virtualization and testing with ReadySet VR, our client avoided substantial expenses. If they had proceeded with physical world pilots as initially planned, estimated costs of over $4.5 million would have been incurred for necessary modifications. Pre-construction testing reduced their financial risks and maximized return on investment.


This case study demonstrates the benefits of virtualization technologies in designing and implementing physical spaces, ensuring successful outcomes for businesses and stakeholders.


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