ReadySet Category Management Software Solutions
Lead your category with modern retail planning

Virtual reality planogram software presents the fastest way to develop data driven assortment optimization and successful visual merchandising.

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Solve your biggest category management challenges


Accelerate the category management process

Space planning in virtual reality allows you to merchandise for grocery, wholesale, drugstore and convenience retailers. ReadySet virtual retail labs provide an incredible cost reduction to building and maintaining physical innovation labs.

Enhance collaboration and engagement with stakeholders

A single category management platform that is hosted online provides an easy way to collaborate with retailers and suppliers. ReadySet provides a knowledge base for all functions of a brand to work together in offering engaging recommendations to stakeholders.

Deliver shopper approved solutions that achieve retailer buy-in

Easily perform shopper research on your ideas to generate consumer insights that demonstrate how your idea will perform in market. ReadySet realistic 3D visuals and accurate customer data reporting provides a compelling presentation of ideas to decision makers.

JDA category management solutions

ReadySet JDA planogram software does not require that all aisles are built in virtual reality. It provides an option for automatic planogram generation by JDA (Blue Yonder) .psa file upload. JDA integration allows users to instantly import planogram files into a virtual reality project for further viewing, editing and evaluation.


Experience the category management program in virtual reality


Optimize assortments and planograms

ReadySet category management planogram software makes it easy to identify your category strategy. Ensure that relevant products are in the right stores, at the best time, in correct quantities and on appropriate shelves.

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Redesign engaging aisles that inspire

Rethink retail space and make your category vision come to life by establishing aisles as inspiration for the future. There is no limit to space or what you can create in virtual reality.


Gather insights that validate recommendations

Effective category management requires reliable data from consumer insights to be successful. Cost effectively test projects using VR research and generate the consumer insights data needed to identify conversion driving retail solutions.

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Learn how ReadySet virtual retail planning software provides the cat man a better way to innovate.