3D visual merchandising software to build category management planograms

Store planogram software allows category management to easily build, import and share visual merchandising plans. ReadySet provides the best planogram software for retail businesses to quickly create 3D POGs for optimized assortments.

Planogram creation software designed for every workflow

Whether you're at your desktop or immersed in virtual reality, ReadySet planogram software offers unparalleled versatility. Our desktop builder delivers swift and cost-effective solutions, harnessing the power of 2D images to streamline your planning process. Meanwhile, step into our virtual retail labs with our 3D visual planogram builder, where lifelike visuals and immersive experiences establish realistic shopping experiences.

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional retail planograms. With virtual shelf planograms, enjoy the same capabilities without the hassle of physical inventory management or space planning.

Aisle planogramming on your desktop computer

Utilize a drag and drop builder on your computer to plan product assortments. Choose from a range of common shelf size planogram templates and then select the placement of product images. This 2D planogram software can be used in online studies or seamlessly transferred into the VR workspace for 3D presentations or research purposes.

Store planogramming in virtual reality

Enter into immersive retail environments using a virtual reality headset to generate planogram designs in life-sized realism. When you create a planogram in store settings with 3D product models, it enhances the precision of your merchandising process. Our 3D planogram software empowers users to better elevate the visual appeal of their store floor planning.

How to make a planogram

ReadySet offers several planogram tools to quickly and easily configure store aisles and displays. Efficiently build 100% to scale 3D merchandising store concepts using cloud-based fixture, product, and signage models.

3D merchandising of Target store aisle visualization in ReadySet planogram software


Boost productivity in retail space planning using virtual fixtures. Create virtual planograms tailored to any retail setting with ReadySet's comprehensive life-size digital fixture library, including gondolas, shelves, hooks, display tables, pallets and checkout counters.


Efficiently design your shelf space using ReadySet's virtual product model library. Quickly populate fixtures with a few clicks, by dragging and dropping items onto fixtures. Additionally, you can generate custom replicas for product packaging testing.


Eliminate height and installation constraints of store signage placement with ReadySet's virtual signage library within the planogram builder. Upload your sign images and swiftly position them on virtual fixtures for realistic 3D visualization and evaluation.


Conveniently use store shelf images as 2D wallpaper on adjacent planogram shelves. Wallpaper creates the feel of a fully 3D rendered store without excessive computing power. Enabling effortless focus on the design of planograms for your specific category.

Blue Yonder planogram integration

ReadySet planogram software doesn't require you to physically build all aisles on your desktop or in virtual reality. You also have the ability to import Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) planogram .psa files for instant viewing within a virtual retail environment. This feature empowers users with additional capabilities for editing, evaluating, and presenting planograms in immersive 3D.

JDA planogram integration in virtual reality software

Share planogram images and pdfs

Collaborate and share ideations of your merchandising plan with internal and external partners. Export PDF files, showcase 360 photos or give virtual tours in presenter mode.

Person presenting virtual reality grocery aisle in third-person view

Third-person view

ReadySet third-person view alters the camera angle from first person perspective to third person. Offering better viewing pleasure during merchandising plan presentations.

Screenshots / 360 photo viewer

The 2D screenshot button and 360 photo viewer are simple ways to capture virtual planogram visuals. Allowing you to quickly send your sets to other merchandising collaborators.

Person taking a 360 screenshot of grocery aisle planogram in virtual reality
ReadySet planogram software pdf store planning shelf placement export

PDF export planogram solutions

Simplify how to read a planogram with ReadySet’s user-friendly visual and item list PDF exports. These PDFs break down planograms into segments, offering detailed product information regarding their placement locations, making it easy to share with your target audience or retailers without the need for any specific application.

Planogram optimization using virtual research

Effortlessly test different merchandising strategies using ReadySet's virtual reality or online market research methods to ensure your product category maximizes sales per square foot.

Woman in VR headset shopping in a Lowe's store environment during a ReadySet virtual research study

Virtual reality research

Use VR headsets to gather real-time data while shoppers immerse themselves in your 3D store sets.

Learn more about VR research

Person on laptop doing a ReadySet online shopper research shelf cracker study

Online virtual research

Respondents interact with aisle planograms on their computers while the webcam tracks their visual attention.

Learn more about online research

3D Planogram & Merchandising FAQs

Maximize sales and efficiency with retail planogram software

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