ReadySet Releases

Novemeber 5, 2021 - ReadySet 2.6

CStore 3 (U Area)

  • Added new CStore environment
    • Contains “L” shaped checkout counter
    • Supports Front End (RSF) Files

Large Format Grocery

  • Updated Deli area in Large Format Grocery environments
    • Deli now contains multiple planogrammable shelves
    • Wallpaper can be disabled to allow further customization of planograms
  • Added Deli Under the Counter bench fixture to placeable fixtures
    • Can be found in the “Fixtures” tab of the Planogramming Menu

Front End

  • Added ability to load Front End (RSF) files directly from the “Open Project” page
    • Removed “Front End” tab from planogramming menu
    • Removed RSF folder location
    • Users navigate to and open their RSF file as if they were opening a project
    • For RSF files where more than one possible store option exists, users will be prompted to select the environment they wish to load the file into

Scene Viewer

  • Added Scene Viewer mode
    • Found under the “Planogramming” section of the landing page
    • Allows users to load a project with first person navigation
    • Does not require users to wear a headset to view projects


  • Added surface texture bumps/smoothness to products and improved their quality of transparency
  • Switched to native Windows File Browser when selecting files in ReadySet
  • Added hourglass cursor to better indicate when stores or files are loading
  • Added default fixture support
    • Fixtures can now be automatically added to the ReadySet library on application startup
  • Added loading indicator to Custom Product and Fixture importing

October 20, 2021 - ReadySet 2.5.1


  • Fixed an issue that would remove backfill when clicking backfill button if the product had already reached its maximum allowed backfill
  • Fixed an issue with Legacy Custom Stores that incorrectly removed unused Gondola
  • Fixed an issue with missing price labels on Custom Store fixtures

September 24, 2021 - ReadySet 2.5


  • Added “Brand” column to output reports
  • DRC single items now tie purchase data to their DRC
  • Added Auto-generated Cameras to Signage
  • Added support for multiple price label locations on custom fixtures


  • Added Missing JDA Item highlighting
    • When loading JDA files, missing products will be replaced with a placeholder
    • Placeholder will be a white box
    • Placeholder will have missing item UPC listed on front
    • Placeholder will match the size of the missing item
  • Added Product Alignment feature
    • Found in Product tab of planogramming menu
    • Activating “Align Products” button will align ALL products to the front edge of their fixture
    • Once aligned, this can NOT be undone
  • Added Segment Exporting feature
    • Found under new “Segments” tab in planogramming menu
    • Users can select one or more gondola or gondola run and “Export” them
    • Exported segments can then be “Imported” into other RSG FIles
    • Segment Export/Import folder location must first be assigned in “Settings”
  • Added 1 inch Left/Right snapping to Shelves


  • Added option to “Settings” that allows user to specify the location of their ReadySet Asset Library
    • Note that network/cloud drives are NOT supported at this time
  • Renamed “All” to “Back” in category dropdown to better indicate functionality
  • Added support for more complex, multi level Custom Fixtures
  • Improved system for downloading missing products
  • Added support for nested “Multi-DRC”
    • DRC that contain different product, flavor, or color options
    • Data can be tracked on the Multi-DRC box, as well as the individual products within
  • Added Custom Color option to Create Custom Product
    • The base box or can color can be assigned when creating the custom product
    • Any face of the custom product that does not have an image loaded will be colored
  • Added support for placeable Custom Fixtures
    • Custom fixtures can be moved/placed by the user
    • Custom fixtures are fully Eye Trackable

Target Lab

  • Added new “Target Lab” environment
  • Contains standard gondola, reach in coolers, and refrigerated sections
  • Contains pre-built signage package


  • Rebuilt legacy CStore to greatly improve visual quality
    • Includes planogrammable refrigerated wall
    • Includes default Under The Counter and Quick Serve options that can be disabled
    • Includes store exterior/parking lot and gasoline pumps

CStore Queue Area

  • Added new CStore Variant with open queue area
    • Supports Front End Builder files generated in ReadySet Portal
    • Allows for customized queuing layouts


  • Added user feedback audio and visual when taking screenshots
  • Locked controller screenshot camera horizontally, to prevent images from appearing angled
  • Removed unused Gondola in older save files, to improve performance
  • Improved feedback when attempting to overwrite save files
  • Corrected an issue with Presenter Mode when looking at partially transparent signage
  • Corrected an issue where pressing “Tab” in Configure menu would incorrectly attempt to load the RSG file
  • Corrected an issue that allowed clicking menu items while hovering over products or fixtures, resulting in picking both up simultaneously.

August 2, 2021 - ReadySet 2.4

Large Format Grocery

  • Improved visual quality in both standard and graphics version
  • Corrected an issue that would cause teleporting to be blocked when loading Front End (RSF) files
  • Fixed an issue preventing Section Dwell files from generating
  • Fixed an issue when opening files built in 2.2 that would cause the front end area to disappear

Aisle Showcase

  • Added Aisle Showcase environment
  • User can specify aisle length
  • White box background allows for more focused research


  • Adjusted Pallets to allow for products to overflow by up to 2 inches per siden
    • Allows for easier construction of pallets with large products
  • Corrected an issue that prevented pallets from snapping to the floor after saving and loading the file
  • Removed SR Runtime dependence
    • SR Runtime should no longer prompt when in planogram mode


  • Added Custom Fixtures
    • Users can import custom fixture bundles on the “Fixture” page
    • Custom fixtures can be placed through Front End Builder in ReadySet Portal
      • Bundles must be imported prior to importing RSF file in headset
    • Custom Fixtures can be generated through ReadySet Pro Services


  • Greatly improved performance and reduced file size when using Grocery or Large Format Grocery environments
  • Restructured loading system to be more efficient
  • Added additional user feedback when loading files
  • Corrected an issue that would allow users to click the “Launch VR” button before the file had finished loading
  • Corrected an issue where loading a newly generated RSF file in Front End 8ft or Front End 11ft would fail
  • Fixed offset issues when loading RSF Files

June 14, 2021 - ReadySet 2.3


  • Adjusted First Person window in Presenter view to prevent overlap with Purchases window


  • Added ability to toggle queue line shoppers off in planogramming mode
    • Found on options pane in “Front End” menu tab
    • Allows for easier, un-obstructed creation of Planograms


  • Added Large Format Grocery (Graphics) version
    • Same footprint as Large Format Grocery
    • Includes pre-built graphics and signage package
  • Added Front End support to Large Format Grocery
    • Large Format Grocery Front End can now be designed in Portal
    • Can use default traditional check lanes or load a Front End (RSF) file to replace them with custom configurations
  • Added support for Front End Builder to Custom Stores
    • Custom Stores can now be built to include a loadable Front End area

June 1, 2021 - ReadySet 2.2


  • Redesigned Moderator UI to be cleaner
    • Moderators can now remove unwanted entries, including when “Endless Basket” is used
    • Adjusted purchases order so most recent entries appear at the top


  • Added Large Format Grocery lab environment
    • Complete store (15 Aisles), Refrigerated section, perimeter wall, and traditional front end checklanes all active
  • Added 2 additional Front End Environments
    • “Open”
      • Fully open front end space
    • “Customer Service”
      • Fully open front end space, but includes a Customer Service desk
  • Added Queue Line System
    • Users can now design and customize queue lines in Portal as part of Front End Builder
      • Queue line Duration
      • Queue line Style (Basket or Cart)
  • Added support for Traditional Checklanes to Portal (Front End Builder)
  • Added Custom Fixture System
    • ReadySet Pro Services now supports the creation of customized fixtures
    • Users can import and use these fixtures in the “Library” page
    • Custom fixtures transfer across systems within save files
    • Custom Fixtures are supported in Portal (Front End Builder)
  • Introduced new Installer/Update system
    • Users can now click the “Check for Updates” button to be guided through the automatic download and installation of new version updates
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the preview from rotating in the main menu
  • Greatly improved performance in large stores

May 3, 2021 - ReadySet 2.1.8


  • Corrected an issue that caused endcaps in custom stores to be disabled

April 21, 2021 - ReadySet 2.1.7


  • Corrected a typo that caused some shelves in Custom Stores to fail to show price tags
  • Corrected a transparency issue for products with clear packaging and opaque labels

February 2, 2021 - ReadySet 2.1.5


  • Adjusted render settings to greatly improve performance in large sets
  • Added settings to product loading to support transparency and metallic/reflective packaging on some products
  • Increased product reset/delete timeout when on floor from 2 seconds to 4 seconds


  • Adjusted triggers in refrigerated section to make turning wallpaper off more consistent

December 7, 2020 - ReadySet 2.1.4


  • Corrected further issues with wallpapers and endcaps incorrectly being disabled/li>


  • Adjusted JDA loading to allow peg and shelf fixtures to snap up to 48” above the max gondola height/li>
  • Fixed an issue where “Copy Project” was not working with Custom Environments


  • Adjusted product loading to support colored transparency on some products
  • Added foundation for update checking system in preparation for new installer system (to be released in a future update)

September 29, 2020 - ReadySet 2.1.3


  • Fixed an issue where Endcaps were being incorrectly disabled in research mode

September 17, 2020 - ReadySet 2.1.2


  • Fixed an issue where Respondents could inadvertently activate wallpapers by clicking the touchpad while touching the Gondola Base Deck

July 21, 2020 - ReadySet 2.1.1


  • Price labels now show in planogram mode
  • Prices must still be set in Research > Configure


  • Fixed an issue where cameras in Custom Stores were not being disabled in research mode
  • Fixed an issue where Top Down Cameras were not showing the store when generating composites in Custom Stores


  • Added “Half” Pallet to supported Pallet Fixture sizes
  • Fixed an issue where fixtures would not use the default color if making more than one at a time


  • Moved “No Logo” option to top of logo dropdown, for users with extensive logo libraries
  • Fixed some minor UI Alignment issues

July 2, 2020 - ReadySet 2.1

Front End Builder

  • The Front End Builder allows you to create custom self check environment, saved as RSF files. It can be accessed at
  • Two new Front End Specific environments including 8’ and 11’ traditional checklanes
  • Added ability to load RSF files into ReadySet Front End Environments
  • Added option in the Settings page to specify the location of RSF files
  • Once loaded, RSF files will automatically place front end fixtures in accordance with RSF file design
  • RSF files can be accessed/loaded from the “Front End” tab on the VR UI Menu

Grocery Lab Environment

  • Activated the deli/meat coolers for planogramming

Drug Lab Environment

  • Complete update to Drug Lab Environment
  • Gondola height is now 66”, to better support additional retailer options
  • Added cooler/refrigerated section
  • Added support for up to 60’ of continuous planogram
  • Existing Drug Environments will no longer be compatible, files will need to be rebuilt



  • Fixtures now support slanted shelves
  • Shelves can be slanted at 17 and 30 degree inclines
  • To cycle the slant options, hover over the shelf and press up or down on the trackpad

Copy & Paste

  • Added copy & paste feature
  • Any product or fixture can be copied
  • Hover over the product or fixture and press the “Menu” button

JDA Custom Product Update

  • Added option to JDA loading to specify favoring custom products over library products
  • This allows users to have a custom product with the same UPC as a library product and specify which one they would like to use during JDA loading

Base Deck Support with Copy & Paste

  • Added support for moving/ copy & paste to base decks
  • When moving or copy & pasting gondola backer, base deck products will now travel with the rest of the section

Product Library

  • Rebuilt the "Product" tab to improve performance
  • A category or search term must now be selected prior to searching
  • Added support for tabbing through create custom products feature in the product library

Signage Library

  • Signage can now be organized into groups using the “Add Group” button
  • Once a group is created, signage can also be clicked and dragged into groups


Composite Visual Options

  • Users can now select which visual outputs they would like to generate when creating a composite

Maximum Teleport Distance

  • In the “Configure” tab, users can now specify the maximum teleport distance a respondent can travel (in ft)

Folder Location Option for Report Outputs

  • In the “Settings” page, under “Output Folder Location”, users can now specify a location for report outputs
  • Reports must still maintain the “Save File Name” > “Outputs” > “Respondent #” format, but the location of this folder can now be specified
  • This location is used for both research and reports generation, so please ensure the correct location is specified prior to running research or generating composite reports
  • If no location is specified, default location is used (Folder located next to the RSG file)

Auto Launch Eye Tracking Calibration

  • Added a button on the moderator UI to automatically launch Eye Tracking Calibration
  • This button is only available if using a Vive Pro Eye
  • This button is only available in Research mode, prior to starting a session


Screen Capture Mode

  • Clicking the camera icon in the upper right corner of the moderator UI will hide all UI to allow for cleaner screenshot/video recordings
  • Hovering off the camera icon will cause it to disappear, while hovering over it will cause it to re-appear

No Logo Options in Lab Environments

  • Added option for “No Logo” to dropdown, so users can remove the in-store logo if desired
  • Hovering off the camera icon will cause it to disappear, while hovering over it will cause it to re-appear


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause ReadySet to hang on “Exit Without Saving”
  • Fixed an issue that prevented pallets from properly re-sizing
  • Fixed an issue that would cause “Take Hi Res Screenshots” to not always find all available cameras