Get an all-in-one storefront solution with virtual store simulations

Develop and test merchandising for all of your specific storefront needs using cost effective virtual retail planning.

Innovate by using a variety of VR model stores and lab environments

Instantly set up a 3D retail store lab using ReadySets 100% true to scale virtual store fronts. Perform virtual store research in immersive 3D retail environments that can easily adapt to fit any project needs.

3D immersive virtual reality Walmart store


Utilize the virtual reality Walmart store environment for retail planning and testing your store merchandise in the world's largest retailer.

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Target store in virtual reality


A complete virtual reality Target store offers the ideal area to planogram for the retailer and a familiar customer environment to conduct market research.

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3D immersive virtual reality Home Depot store

Home Improvement

Select from VR model home improvement stores such as Home Depot to help organize and optimize tools, garden supplies, appliances and more.

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3D immersive virtual reality grocery store produce section

Big box

Our VR department store lab provides a large big box space to adjust and configure that meets the needs of merchandising for any large retailer.

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Virtual reality grocery store


Use a 3D VR model for grocery store planning. Find out how shoppers behave when finding or purchasing food and beverage products.

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3D immersive virtual reality convenience store gas station

Convenience store / gas station

Use the convenience store 3D virtual store to test the performance of snacks, drinks, and other supplies that would be in a gas station.

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3D immersive virtual reality CVS pharmacy


Explore drugstore retail solutions and planogram layouts for makeup, consumables, toiletries and more within a VR model store.

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Virtual reality club store


Customize a 3D VR model store to identify the best ways to market and display large, wholesale quantities of products in a warehouse club store.

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3D immersive virtual reality Dollar General Store Front End with Beverage Coolers

Dollar Store

This virtual reality dollar general store provides the ideal environment for retail merchandise planning at a discount store.

ReadySet Virtual Reality Retail Front End for Store Planning and Market Research

Front end

Discover optimal impulse item merchandising at both traditional checkouts and self-checkouts through virtual reality iterations of store front ends.

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Virtual reality 3D showcase for standalone aisle or product

Endcap / Showcase

Present products free of distractions by using a white space background. The single gondola endcap and product showcase pedestal table are ideal environments for gathering very specific data or testing package design.

3D immersive virtual reality Subway restaurant


Create anything in virtual reality that you would in the physical world, including category reinventions and innovation stores. ReadySet offers services to assist you in the customization and design of a virtual reality environment that meets your organizational needs and goals. If you would like further information on custom VR projects, please contact us.

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How VR technology is shaping 2022 Retail

Learn how CPGs are using virtual reality to innovate amid inventory shortage. This white paper explores how companies are using virtual reality as a collaborative space for in-store planning and market research. It includes information on 3D product libraries, digital store planning, VR market research and the case study "Does Life-Size VR Replicate Real-World Testing".

How VR Technology is Shaping 2022 Retail

Front end builder

Accurately create, merchandise, and test your checkout area in an immersive 3D virtual store with the ReadySet Front End Builder.

Virtual reality self checkouts and product displays

Optimize checkout area layouts

Build custom self check layouts with various fixture types and select from different traditional check lane options.

Establish ideal planograms

Planogram both shelf checkout and traditional checkout areas using the ReadySet product library.

Understand front end behaviors

Perform VR research using eye tracking on the checkout areas you created to generate virtually instant retail heatmaps.

Virtual Reality Environments FAQs

Carry out retail merchandise planning with ReadySet virtual store software

See how virtual reality can be used to bridge the gap between e-commerce online stores and physical brick and mortar retail.