Showcase your products and store experience in the virtual Target store

With the ReadySet Target virtual reality environment, retailers and CPGs can captivate customers, boost brand awareness, and create memorable shopper experiences. This VR Target innovation lab provides a state-of-the-art research and development facility that empowers brands to prototype, test, and optimize products and strategies.

Take a virtual tour of ReadySet Target stores

The VR Target store tour video explores a fully immersive 3D modeled building for unlimited merchandise and layout exploration. It offers an ideal solution for Target stores innovation through life-size visualization and customer behavior research capabilities.


The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

Explore the future of retail as we dive into the concepts of digital twins and metaverse shopping experiences. This retail digital twin and metaverse white paper addresses the biggest challenges retailers face and how digital twin software is helping brands succeed today and positioning them for success tomorrow. It defines what a digital twin is, digital twin retail use cases with examples and how to join the metaverse movement.

ReadySet VR White Paper: The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

Use a Target store 3D model to plan and test your shopping experience

Quickly design accurate Target store floor plans

Develop your Target store layout strategy faster and more precisely than ever before through 3D model visualization. Create 100% life-size floor plan Target store layout maps that can be tested by shoppers prior to any physical investments taking place.

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Easily experiment with several different Target planograms

Unlock unlimited potential for your Target planogram team using virtual reality merchandise planning technology. Planogram Target using detailed 3D product and fixture models that offer authentic, interactive merchandising experiences.

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Conduct affordable in-depth Target store market research

Uncover Target customer insights using eye-tracking VR research studies that provide path and shelf heatmap reports. This advanced Target retail store market research method simulates the in-store shopping experience through use of only a computer with online access and VR hardware.

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Step into a new world of retail with Target VR Shopping

Elevate your brand by embracing virtual reality solutions to create exceptional customer experiences and unlock new horizons for your products and services.