Virtual solutions for warehouse club store innovation, merchandising, pricing and promotions

ReadySet’s virtual reality wholesale club environment is a cost-saving solution for use as a Costco or Sam’s Club innovation center. By leveraging a virtual reality Costco or Sam’s Club digital twin, wholesale club stores can provide customers with exciting shopping experiences that transcend physical store limitations and open up new revenue streams in virtual commerce.

Experience a VR Sam’s Club and take a Costco virtual tour in ReadySet

This virtual tour of the ReadySet club environment provides a captivating virtual reality tour of both Costco and Sam's Club stores. VR allows viewers to explore retail store layouts and product offerings in a fully immersive way. From the comfort of their own home, viewers can navigate through the virtual stores, experiencing shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club as if they were physically there.


The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

Explore the future of retail as we dive into the concepts of digital twins and metaverse shopping experiences. This retail digital twin and metaverse white paper addresses the biggest challenges retailers face and how digital twin software is helping brands succeed today and positioning them for success tomorrow. It defines what a digital twin is, digital twin retail use cases with examples and how to join the metaverse movement.

ReadySet VR White Paper: The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

Identify your Sam’s Club and Costco innovation strategy

Set up your Sam’s Club innovation lab in VR

Sam's Club virtual reality (VR) stores offer a perfect solution to test out new store layouts and product placements before committing to costly physical renovations. This would enable them to determine the most effective and efficient store design to maximize sales and minimize operational costs.

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Easily develop Costco merchandising online

By creating a virtual representation of a wholesale store layout, brands can test different Costco planograms and product placements without the need for physical prototypes or store rearrangements. This would allow them to quickly floor plan Costco store layout maps for maximum sales and customer flow, while minimizing costs associated with physical testing.

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Quickly perform accurate Sam’s Club VR research

Virtual reality environments provide an excellent platform for conducting customer research and testing, without the need for physical prototypes or test markets. ReadySet VR research utilizes life-size product models and eye-tracking headsets to capture participants' behavior. VR provides detailed insights into how customers interact with products and how they make purchasing decisions. Enabling Sam's Club to make data-driven decisions on product development and marketing strategies.

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Execute your innovations through an accelerated VR process

Advance education with Costco virtual reality employee training

VR stores offer a unique opportunity for Costco to enhance employee training and development programs. Virtual reality training simulates real-world scenarios, allowing employees to practice problem-solving, customer service, and other skills in a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, VR training provides consistent and standardized training across all locations and improves employee performance and job satisfaction while reducing training costs.

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Reveal Sam’s Club ideas in virtual reality presentations

By incorporating virtual reality into sales presentations, wholesale retailers can provide a more engaging and realistic experience for clients and investors. Virtual reality allows retailers to showcase their ideas in a more impactful and memorable way. It allows clients to provide feedback so retailers can make informed decisions before any physical changes are made. Leading to increased engagement, higher retention rates, and more successful sales outcomes.

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Launch engaging Costco virtual shopping experiences

By creating a Costco VR store, it could enable customers to browse products and make purchases within a fully-realized virtual world. A VR Costco could be used for unique Costco member shopping experiences, such as virtual product demonstrations or interactive displays that showcase product features and benefits. Allowing Costco's business model to expand its reach beyond physical store locations, tapping into the growing virtual commerce market.

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Transform the wholesale store with cutting-edge VR technology

Discover how wholesale clubs can incorporate virtual reality technology to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall customer experience.