Define the future of the front end using virtual reality

The ReadySet Front End Builder provides an immersive 3D VR setting that makes it much faster and easier to accurately create, merchandise, and test your retail checkout experience.

Front End Builder

A 2D online builder that allows you to easily configure fixture layouts in front of store space and then accurately plan your assortment strategy in realistic, 3D virtual reality.


Quickly design store checkouts and queue lines using your browser

Select a store environment and start creating a 2D file of your custom front end. Design an entire checkout area floor plan using adjustable digital fixtures. Once finished, these files can be uploaded into 3D virtual reality for an immersive, life-size visualization.


Select a front end environment

Choose the front end store environment you would like to use for your build space and start creating a 2D file of your custom front end. Select from ReadySet store templates like Walmart, grocery, c-store and more.


Use the drag & drop builder

Establish your entire checkout area floor plan using adjustable digital fixtures. Design within the build space you selected by dragging and dropping fixtures from the left side panel to create custom front end layouts.

Plan front of store space using true-to-scale 3D store fixtures like...


Self check and traditional check lanes






Queue Line Belts


Queue Line Merchandisers


Easily develop front of store displays and planograms in VR

Utilize 3D product models from the ReadySet library and upload signage imagery to efficiently build your store merchandising innovations. With no inventory management hassles or space constraints, you are able to create unlimited store concept variations.


Upload in VR to planogram

Import the 2D file you created in ReadySet VR for a 3D experience. Use the product library or upload JDA/Blue Yonder files to merchandise your shelf checkout and traditional checkout point of purchase displays.


Set shopper dwell times

Place virtual shoppers within the front end environment to determine dwell time for impulse buying shopper research.

Redesign the POP display

Develop modular queueing strategies that enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. Virtual reality allows for limitless exploration into how to create a front end that meets shopper demands and positions retailers for success.

Virtual reality checkout

Understand front end behaviors and improve retail experiences

Research your front ends using eye-tracking VR headsets that collect shopper behavior in real-time. Use your data to present recommendations with evidence of in-store success, such as improved checkout flow or optimized merchandising that increased sales.

Virtual reality Lays potato chips at self checkout with eye tracking heat map

Conduct shopper research

Send respondents into your VR front end environments for shopper studies that track accurate eye and path movements. It measures dwell time, impulse purchases, and more.


Review consumer insights

Shopper research data is displayed in easy-to-understand heatmap reports for informed in-store recommendations.

Discover your winning retail front end strategy

Woman putting groceries on checkout belt

Front end grocery store operations and shopper behavior is changing faster than ever before due to the impact of Covid-19. Perceptions developed from health and safety guidelines have led to drastic impacts on grocery store checkout line activities.

Staying up to date with the latest checkout technology and new payment options is only one part of satisfying modern shoppers. The key to future front end success is to understand and plan for these changes to establish the best checkout experience.

Read more in our blog post, "5 Front End Challenges & How Retail is Reinventing the Future of Brick and Mortar".

Ready to increase consumer engagement at checkout?

Long lines at checkout lead to cart abandonment and missed opportunities. Learn how you can use virtual reality to innovate the retail front end and improve checkout experiences.