Bring next level innovation to home improvement stores through immersive experiences

ReadySet’s VR home improvement retail environments allow you the flexibility to build out your brand’s digital twin. Choose environments from Home Depot to Lowe’s innovation labs that offer you the best platform to build out and organize your virtual retail store floor plan.

Transform your home improvement retail space with virtual reality

Reduce overhead costs and maximize profits by using a digital twin with life-size 3D models for appliance organization

Ditch the home improvement store hassle of space planning with large and expensive appliances. Utilizing virtual reality software will allow you to optimize store layouts without the time and manpower needed to physically move bulky objects. The ReadySet VR platform offers 3D home improvement product modeling and retail environments to innovate for a fraction of the cost and time.

Test product placements through eye-tracking shopper research, virtual store surveys, and heat mapping

Virtual reality shopper testing is an advanced market research method for evaluating the visual impact of different product placements and identifies potential issues with traffic flow, shelf space, and more. Gain eye-tracking and path insights into how shoppers interact with different products, which products are most noticed or purchased, and what factors influence those purchase decisions.

Create multiple store designs for different retailers and launch your brand's digital twin in the metaverse

Digital assets offer the ability to recreate a storefront in multiple different environments. Build out and create a retail store layout in Lowe's and then go do the same in Home Depot. These 3D assets can also be used on metaverse platforms to increase your brand awareness and profits. Introducing your brand in the metaverse can open doors to new revenue streams, such as v-commerce.



The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

Explore the future of retail as we dive into the concepts of digital twins and metaverse shopping experiences. This retail digital twin and metaverse white paper addresses the biggest challenges retailers face and how digital twin software is helping brands succeed today and positioning them for success tomorrow. It defines what a digital twin is, digital twin retail use cases with examples and how to join the metaverse movement.

ReadySet VR White Paper: The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

Unleash new potentials by incorporating a digital twin into your home and hardware brand

Lowe's retail virtual reality 3D store environment

1. Experiment with Lowes store floor plans

The ReadySet Lowes store in VR provides a realistic digital twin of the physical Lowe’s innovation center. In the Lowe’s virtual reality retail environment, you can build out new store merchandising concepts and interact with items on the shelf or floor. Undergo the Lowe’s VR experience while submerging yourself in a Lowe’s planogram. Develop Lowe’s planograms with 3D washing machine models and appliances that can be opened for customer exploration during shopper research.  Submerge shoppers within your Lowe’s VR experience to gain in-depth behavioral data through headset eye-tracking and movement sensors. while submerging yourself.

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2. Build unlimited Home Depot planograms

There is no limit to how many variations of Home Depot planograms you can make within ReadySet VR software. Create as many modifications and variations of your Home Depot digital twin as desired. This Home Depot in VR allows you to modify your planogram wherever and whenever you desire, with the use of an established internet connection. It serves as a Home Depot innovation center for cost-effectively testing out your new ideas using accurate life-size visualization and interaction.  This modernized innovation method will speed up time to market and keep your brand ahead of the curve.

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Woman creating a 3D planogram in Home Depot virtual reality store
Woman shopping DAP products in Lowe's virtual reality store

3. Test your shopping experience in numerous hardware stores

Transform the way you plan and design your hardware store with customizable virtual environments. ReadySet virtual store labs provide a range of tools and features that enable you to create dynamic hardware store floor plans, optimize your merchandising strategy, and design effective signage. With the ability to add your branded logos and themes, you can now create  immersive customer experiences that quickly validate in-store ideas to meet  your business goals. Whether you're Menards, Ace Hardware, True Value, or Harbor Freight Tools, our virtual environments offer unparalleled flexibility and customization to enhance your store's layout and overall shopping experiences.

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Redefine Home Improvement Retail with VR Solutions

Uncover the true potential that VR innovation holds with ReadySet’s home improvement retail labs today!