Uncover how a CPG client leveraged virtual reality predictive analysis to enhance aisle design, lifting category sales by 3.5%. Explore the impactful use of VR research in understanding consumer engagement.


Grocery Aisle Reinvention


A consumer packaged goods (CPG) client reimagined their food category within a prominent US retailer's store.


Our goal was to simplify assortment organization, enhance the within-aisle experience, provide usage inspiration, and generate a measurable category lift. By utilizing virtual reality and predictive analysis, we sought to evaluate design concepts and develop a compelling business case for implementation.


Two leading design concepts, along with the current state, were conceptualized using ReadySet VR. The virtual environments were tested with consumers using eye tracking, dwell, path tracking, and conversion metrics. These measurements allowed the client to compare the performance of the design options and determine how they fared against the current state control.


The analysis of the virtual shopping tests yielded significant findings. They determined that Concept A outperformed Concept B, delivering substantially better results. Moreover, Concept A generated a significant category lift of 3.5% compared to the current state. This lift provided our client with the necessary data to develop ROI calculations and build a compelling business case for moving the project forward with their retail partner.

Cost Savings

Furthermore, the analysis revealed an interesting outcome regarding the winning Concept A. During the study certain features and elements were identified within the concept that went unnoticed by shoppers and had minimal impact on the resulting lift. Consequently, it was decided that these items could be removed from the concept, resulting in a cost-saving opportunity of $370K for in-store implementation.


Through collaboration with the CPG client and the US retailer, they successfully determined the selection of the most effective design concept for aisle reinvention. By leveraging ReadySet VR and conducting immersive shopping tests, they were able to identify the winning concept, quantify its impact on the category, and uncover cost-saving opportunities before implementation. This case study exemplifies the power of virtual reality in informing design decisions, driving category lift, and optimizing resource allocation for enhanced retail experiences.


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