A New Way to Innovate for Retail

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ReadySet understands your biggest retail merchandising challenges and develops software that helps create a better retail experience for everyone. Explore the power of virtual reality for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) and retailers, offering a quick, cost-effective, and efficient avenue for innovation. Streamline your journey from planning to market, enabling improved solution testing and faster implementation.

Your challenges:

  • Staying competitive through innovation & technology - Companies are pressured to innovate and adopt new technology so that they can lead category management initiatives and attain customer loyalty.
  • Expensive retail lab expenditures & maintenance costs - Physical retail labs are high-maintenance and require too much space for testing sets and storing inventory.
  • Challenging collaboration with partners & stakeholders - There is a difference in perspective between manufacturers and retail partners on target consumers, prices, promotions and budgets.
  • Understanding evolving consumer expectations & behaviors - Consumer behavior trends change rapidly and brands must continuously gather insights to give customers better experiences and products.
  • Lengthy innovation processes slowing down time to market - It takes too much time to physically prototype and research shelves. This slow speed to market creates missed opportunities.

ReadySet solutions:

  • Become an industry leader with virtual reality solutions - VR technology continues progressing and ReadySet is developed with retail experts to provide competitive advantage aligned with industry demands.
  • Do all innovation & research in one virtual space - Eliminate the need for large lab spaces and physical inventory management with an all-in-one virtual platform for retail innovation.
  • Easily collaborate with partners & stakeholders online - Create a shared ground of understanding with partners and stakeholders using an engaging and easily shared online retail software solution.
  • Collect instant & accurate consumer insights data - Recreate the in-store shopping experience with eye-tracking VR research that generates accurate data and provides immediate insights.
  • Accelerate your retail innovation process - Improved innovation and research processes allow for a faster path to discover and present optimal retail solutions to stakeholders.

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