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Discover the power of ReadySet’s Online Virtual Shopper Research, an advanced online consumer research survey method. Online Virtual Research (OVR) changes the game by replicating real in-store experiences through interactive 3D retail environments on a computer. Participants navigate and shop in intuitive, realistic store environments while their behaviors are tracked in real-time using basic webcam and mouse inputs. ReadySet OVR utilizes dynamic attention tracking to capture over 60 data points per second, providing detailed behavioral metrics such as eye gaze tracking, path tracking, and more. 

Conduct effective remote research studies and generate robust behavioral data to uncover impactful shopper insights. This innovative platform enables efficient testing of packaging, signage innovations, and planograms, all accessible to online participants. Empower your retail innovation process with superior shopper insights gained quickly, easily, and affordably from large-scale remote studies.

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