Explore how virtual reality is streamlining retail store planning and research operations. Discover ROI potential of retail VR through case studies and data showcasing cost savings and enhanced customer engagement.


Virtual Workflow, Real Profit: The ROI of VR in Retail, CPG and DG Manufacturers

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Understand VR ROI through examples of companies using virtual reality in retail store planning and research

Virtual reality (VR) is rapidly transforming the retail industry. VR enables retailers to cost-effectively provide personalized, interactive, and immersive experiences to their customers and employees. Revolutionizing the way they approach their physical store processes.

Explore virtual reality uses like product demonstrations and training, to shopper research and virtual reality retail shopping experiences. These virtual reality use cases open up new possibilities for retailers to engage with their customers and employees in innovative ways. As a result, brands are using virtual reality to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

However, investing in VR technology could be a significant expense for retailers. Making them hesitant to make such investments without a clear understanding of the potential return on investment (ROI). 

This white paper explores the ROI of adopting VR in retail, analyzing the costs and benefits in various retail settings. Through case studies and data-driven analysis, this white paper will demonstrate how VR experiences can drive efficiencies that increase sales, customer engagement, and drive brand loyalty. Ultimately, providing retailers and manufacturers with a competitive edge in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

We present five VR in retail examples through compelling case studies that showcase their significant cost savings:

  1. New Store Design Optimization
  2. Aisle Reinvention
  3. Messaging, Assortment & Placement
  4. Walmart, Nestlé & Intel
  5. Healthcare Product Pitch
  6. Virtual Candy Store

Ultimately, the benefits of virtual reality in retail extend far beyond cost savings alone. It extends to enhanced customer experiences, increased customer engagement, improved product understanding, streamlined operations, and a competitive edge in the market.

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