Build your concepts in a virtual reality grocery store

ReadySet grocery store planogram software allows you to build and test floor plans and planograms. Optimize the grocery category for customers using VR market research.

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Take a virtual grocery store tour in ReadySet VR

This virtual tour of grocery stores built in ReadySet VR shows how realistic these immersive retail stores appear. You can quickly customize grocery shopping experiences by configuring aisle layouts, product planograms, and signage. Easily explore multiple planograms for a grocery store using the ReadySet library of virtual products.


How VR technology is shaping 2022 Retail

Learn how CPGs are using virtual reality to innovate amid inventory shortage. This white paper explores how companies are using virtual reality as a collaborative space for in-store planning and market research. It includes information on 3D product libraries, digital store planning, VR market research and the case study "Does Life-Size VR Replicate Real-World Testing?".

How VR Technology is Shaping 2022 Retail

Develop the future of grocery shopping

Create ideal layouts using virtual grocery store aisles

Easily do supermarket planning and market research in virtual reality. Establish in-store merchandise and displays using digital 3D product prototypes. Experiment with different layouts or planograms and discover how to increase sales in grocery.

Virtual reality Target grocery store area
Virtual reality Walmart grocery store aisles

Develop merchandising in the virtual Walmart grocery store

ReadySet virtual reality Walmart and Target stores provide a cost-effective platform for planogram automation. Use eye-tracking VR headsets to quickly conduct market research for these grocery stores. Identify successful product placement before physical investment.

Perform grocery store market research

Virtual grocery store shopping provides customer insights through in-depth market research reports. Shopper movements, paths, purchases and eye gaze are captured during virtual shopping exercises that present compelling data to validate retail recommendations.

Virtual reality grocery store produce section

Let’s maximize sales of food and beverage products

Use ReadySet to understand your audience and create assortments that increase market size.