Virtual Cannabis Stores Deliver Better Retail Experiences

Man weighing cannabis on scale in dispensary store

Virtual reality is being used to educate customers on cannabis products and establish a dispensary brand image.

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly with the expectation that it will continue to do so as more states legalize. Research shows that the legal cannabis market will grow 20-30% per year to the price of 50 billion by 2026. These numbers are sure to excite any entrepreneur.

There is plenty of optimism surrounding the marajuana industry. Although, there are a few challenges to be aware of when it comes to establishing a successful cannabis retail business plan. As the market becomes saturated with newcomers, cannabis brands are learning that they can use new technology to stand out.

New cannabis dispensary now open sign on building

It’s Difficult for Dispensaries to Differentiate

As so many new marijuana businesses begin to pop-up, it becomes difficult for consumers to differentiate between cannabis brands. There is pressure from potential investors to establish a successful dispensary business plan. Cannabis companies are realizing the retail design of their dispensary is incredibly important for customer experience.

In order to become a preferred destination for cannabis products, companies are getting ahead of the competition by using modern technology. One of these tools is virtual reality retail planning software.

Men looking at cannabis products in a case

Cannabis Companies use VR to Build their Brand

In order to develop a high quality dispensary experience, merchandise testing and market research is critical. Virtual reality provides the ability to quickly and realistically develop cannabis dispensary design ideas and layouts.

These retail ideas can be tested through VR headsets that measure cannabis consumers' experiences. Headset based research allows for life-size immersion that generates an accurate in-store shopping experience. VR technology features eye-tracking and behavioral insight data collection that measures how cannabis shoppers react to different displays and information.

This VR experience offers a way for brands to educate and evaluate their target markets on different cannabis flowers or strains. Insights gathered from these studies assist in developing new product offerings, marketing strategies, and superior dispensary interior design. It acts as a way to validate in-store investments before crucial brand decisions are made.

Virtual reality store with mens grooming products

Discover Virtual Cannabis Store Planning & Research

VR is a cost-effective way to develop retail cannabis dispensary floor plans and showcase new cannabis strains. ReadySet provides virtual retail lab software and services to build, test, and present these ideas to stakeholders. For more information on designing your cannabis dispensary retail experience in virtual reality, please contact us to schedule a demo.

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