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ReadySet Technologies 2022 Wisconsin Innovation Awards Finalist

ReadySet Technologies Selected as Wisconsin Innovation Awards Finalist

Virtual reality retail solutions provider, ReadySet, was selected as one of 30 finalists for the 2022 Wisconsin Innovation Awards. “We are excited to announce that ReadySet was selected as one of the 30 finalists for the Wisconsin Innovation Awards”, said Steve McLean, ReadySet CEO. “We congratulate all of the finalists who are demonstrating that organizations…

VR Retail Planning Software with woman in virtual reality Target store cleaning aisle

6 New Uses for Virtual Reality in Retail Planning

Top brands and retailers are taking advantage of VR for store planning and retail assortment planning. Retail space planning has traditionally required significant investment in physical spaces, equipment and products. With each category, product promotion, and display messaging needing to be shopper tested and approved before its implementation. This slow, costly process often leads to…

4 Hot Retail Topics at Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2022

4 Hot Retail Topics at RICE 2022

After attending the Chicago Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2022, we recap the biggest trends in retail discussed by top brands and retailers. There are numerous new business practices being implemented in physical stores post-covid. From introducing live commerce to reducing your carbon footprint, let’s explore every hot topic at the retail innovation conference 2022….

woman shopping for beverages in a virtual reality Walmart Grab & Go front end

ReadySet, which develops VR innovation capabilities for Retailers and CPGs, secures $3.25 Million in funding

Financing to fund growth of ReadySet’s development team and further product capabilities for VR retail innovation. ReadySet Technologies, a virtual reality (VR) software company based in De Pere, Wisconsin that provides digital innovation tools to consumer brands, has announced $3.25 Million in new funding led by Rock River Capital and includes participation from Mendota Venture…


5 Best Retail Design Presentation Ideas

Knowing how to present your product to retailers is critical in nailing your next sales pitch. The following sales pitch presentation examples provide tips on how to better engage potential investors. 1. Deliver a personalized message to your target audience The first step in creating a sales pitch presentation is to understand your target audience….

Woman looking at Red Bull in virtual reality Walmart Grab & Go front end

3 Sustainable Retail Practices to Implement in 2022

Retail waste is becoming a greater concern with consumers and leading brands to consider more sustainable retail store design. 1. Choose energy-efficient options in stores and offices One of the simplest ways to embrace sustainability is to implement energy efficiency in retail stores. Not only will this boost brand image, but it will also reduce…


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