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Doctor using virtual reality to simulate brain surgery

4 Ways Virtual Reality Is Used in Business

Virtual reality goes beyond video games and shopping. VR is used in retail to assist with innovation, in healthcare for risk-free training, and in construction to provide better project communication. When you hear the words “virtual reality”, you may think of video games or science fiction. But how is VR used in business? Gain a…

Retail Merchandising KPIs

8 Important Retail Merchandising KPIs in Category Management

Modern technology and research methods have provided the retail industry with incredible access to consumer data. When correctly analyzed, this information can be used to understand consumers and improve organizational performance. Today’s Category Managers and Consumer Insights Analysts use technology like virtual reality eye tracking and artificial intelligence to gather market research. These advanced research…

4 Ways to use VR for Retail Innovation in 2021 Blog Post

4 ways to use VR for retail innovation in 2021

CPG companies and retailers can now take advantage of virtual reality technology to more efficiently build retail labs, merchandise stores, and conduct consumer research. The lasting effects of the 2020 pandemic have dramatically changed technology use, consumer behaviors, and brick and mortar store operations. Executives are working from home and physical stores are constantly evolving…


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