Thank you for trying immersive VR with us at CMA | SIMA!

We hope you enjoyed experiencing the latest virtual reality solutions for category management and shopper insights!

Did you get into the headset or like what you saw? Share the experience with your team by scheduling a free 30 minute to 1 hour zoom meeting with our VR experts! They will take the time to understand your current strategies and offer insight into how digital twin technology can be used to shorten decision times and save money in the process.


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    Forget to grab a one-pager?

    We know you might want something to take back to your organization and share your ReadySet VR experience at CMA | SIMA 2023! We created some quick read one-pagers for our CPG and retailer friends that can do just that. If you didn't get a chance to grab one during your Experience Center visit or would prefer a digital copy, then please feel free to download a PDF below.

    ReadySet VR Solutions for Retail One-pager for CPGs

    For CPGs

    ReadySet VR Solutions for Retail One-pager for Retailers

    For Retailers


    The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

    Explore the future of retail as we dive into the concepts of digital twins and metaverse shopping experiences. This retail digital twin and metaverse white paper addresses the biggest challenges retailers face and how digital twin software is helping brands succeed today and positioning them for success tomorrow. It defines what a digital twin is, digital twin retail use cases with examples and how to join the metaverse movement.

    ReadySet VR White Paper: The Role of Digital Twin Technology in 2023 Retail

    Experience a better way to innovate

    If you’re not certain about how our 3D VR software could transform your business, watch our introductory video and read about some of the ways you can accelerate your business with a virtual store testing environment.

    Efficient Category Management

    Realistically design and test merchandising in immersive, 3D virtual store simulations that require no physical space or inventory.

    Better Shopper Insights

    Autonomously gather accurate shopper data using eye-tracking VR research to quickly understand the customer journey.

    Faster Retail Innovation

    Utilize a single online platform for in-store inventions, allowing teams to easily collaborate and get ideas to market faster.

    Increased Product Sales

    Execute superior retail presentations to stakeholders by offering compelling visual experiences with supporting knowledge.

    Explorer Research

    “ReadySet’s VR solution makes the whole shopper research process faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. It has enhanced our ability to generate realistic and reliable data that our CPG clients need, while also accommodating for tight deadlines and budgets.”

    Mike Moussallem

    Mike Moussallem
    Explorer Research

    All your innovation needs in one platform

    ReadySet is excited to show off our tech with live VR demos at the NRF 2023: Innovation Lab. During the virtual demonstration, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of some of the most appealing features of our VR software. Ask about how ReadySet can streamline the planogramming process, help train employees, and better optimize your use of retail floorspace.

    ReadySet VR 3D Product Model Library Feature

    Product Library

    The ReadySet product library hosts and supplies thousands of 3D product models.

    Learn more

    ReadySet VR Store Planogramming Feature


    Build shelves, add products and secure signage to virtual store shelves.

    Learn more

    ReadySet VR Retail Environments Feature

    Retail Environments

    Develop merchandising for all your specific needs in virtual storefronts.

    Learn more

    ReadySet VR Front End Builder Feature

    Front End Builder

    Easily create, merchandise, and test your retail checkout experiences online.

    Learn more

    ReadySet VR Store Planning Feature

    Space Planning

    Accurate floor planning and the ability to experience layout innovations in 3D.

    Learn more

    Retail employee using VR training to merchandise a shelf

    Employee Training

    Realistic VR training simulations allow employees to practice without real risks.

    Learn more

    ReadySet VR Shopper Research Feature

    VR Shopper Research

    Conduct virtual reality in-store research that provides eye-tracking insights.

    Learn more

    ReadySet VR Online Shopper Research Feature

    Online VR Research

    Perform affordable, large-scale online shopper research using realistic virtual store experiences.

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    ReadySet VR Immersive Retail Presentations Feature

    Presentation Tools

    Embed interactive 3D environments in your retail design presentations that increase engagement.

    Learn more